Some days are just full of excitement and so being joyful is easy. Other  days are bland , but inside us there’s excitement so we’re joyful irrespective of the circumstances. I love those kind of days. Those days are the days I categorize as victorious. You know, making melody in your heart even when the gloom in the atmosphere is as thick as a fog. When you simply have no reason to be smiling or dancing about. But you can, so you do.

Then there are those days when Joy is on vacation.

 Nothing can seem to make you joyful, even winning a lottery at that time won’t brighten up your mood. No, I don’t think its a mood thing. I think its realizing that Joy doesn’t wait. Today’s joy has nothing to do with tomorrow. Every day comes with the fresh demand for its own joy.

Joy isn’t linked to a cause. Even when something happens to warrant being joyful, we could still be joyless. Happiness on the other hand is tied to a cause. But its joy God wants us to have at all times. 

Always be joyful.

(1Thessalonians 5:16 NLT)

If we want to always be joyful, we need to understand what joy is. Joy is not an emotion, its a virtue. Its not a mood. Its a lifestyle. Its not triggered by something happening to us. It’s a choice we make.

What is Joy?

Laughing hysterically may not count as being joyful. Joy is rising above circumstances. Its the lift we all need for everyday. It can be a habit, it can be a hobby. We all just need to make it a constant in our lives. It can be expressed in any way. Must we express our joy? that’s not a choice. If we do have joy, it manifests out from us. In smiling. In humor. In calmness, patience and definitely not worrying.

Joy can be the most impossible thing to have. People can become averse to being joyful; some people actually have no Joy, because it can be such hard work. How can we fight to keep our Joy? By nurturing its fountain in our spirit. Basking in God’s Love, trusting in Him and relying on His Word.

If we don’t make a conscious effort to cultivate our joy, it’ll become flimsy until we hate it and don’t have use for it. Its only a matter of time. We could become tired of the highs and lows, and just rather be neutral. We can’t afford to be that way because Joy is strength. We need it like we need air.

Like every habit, it takes practice. Practice being joyful always.


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