We’re Free

Once, I thought going to church was living a lie, because I couldn’t be myself in church. I couldn’t dress like me or even act like me.

Do you ever feel like religion is bondage? Like going to church is a chore. Do you hate the head scarves and long skirts?
Someone rightly said, Christianity is not a religion it’s the pulsating Life of God in a human being.

God brought me to the right Church for starts. He put me in the right Assembly, where I’m first and foremost physically free.

Doctrines are important but not every doctrine is for everyone.

I found a place where I could go as I am and still be Holy.
I found people that don’t judge.
I unfurled my wings and I bursted into the skies.


From magic4walls.com

God probably still seems like a mystery to you because you’ve not found your place in the body of Christ.

Fitting into Christianity doesn’t have to mean mutating into the ‘acceptable figure for holiness’ which might be boring, pretentious or simply not you.
God made you. He has a place for you in Him. You’re not a round peg trying to fit into square holes.

It’s only in Christ there’s an actual Liberty. It’s called the Liberty of the Sons of God.
People of the World think they’re free, and we’re slaves. Makes me laugh.
Where is freedom in fear and death? 

Every time I’m enraptured in the beauty of God during worship or prayer, experiencing His glory, lifting up my holy hands, I know I’m free.
Free from the bondage of sin and hell. Free from failure and defeat. Free from limitations and anything that binds.
Free to be me.

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