Does a kiss still mean something?

Or its now just a leap prompted by libido?

Do first kisses still hold any meaning
Or it’s just shared with the first one that matches your guts?

I remember when kissing was a seal of true love
Oh do I?
Or my fantasies created that
From the gazillion love stories i’ve picked up in fiction.

Can kissing still be some sacred act reserved for the victims of Cupid himself
Or is cupid now a fake
And true love a fable?

I mourn  for the days of the sacred first kiss
I mourn for the meaning a kiss once held
Now only the perverse engage in French kissing
When its was designed for the magic of romance

I mourn when romance wasn’t a flimsy experience born from hormonal interactions alone
When romance was the product of something so true
Something so pure

Now ‘I love you’ is relative
When once it was the deal breaker
That not just any lip dared utter

I mourn the authenticity of emotions
I mourn the days of kissing with meaning
I mourn….

That we cannot go back and so we have to evolve
Evolve out
From when kissing was meaningful


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