The God-Kind of Romance Novel

Being in love is one of the best experiences in the World that’s why Love stories are my favorite.

Romance novels are so addictive but they always leave me spiritually empty. But of course I’d be mentally loaded with sexual images I always wish I never picked up.

I’ve discovered that the world needs more of pure Romance Novels. Because, Teenagers are voraciously consuming the worldly ideas of romance and that’s one of the reasons there’s so much sexual perversion.

I’m trying to produce a Christian Romance Fiction Novel with a Nigerian setting.

I want to depict ‘Falling in Loving’ the right way.

The working title of the Novel i’m putting together is ‘Love, Friendship and Family’.

I’ve been told that’s not the best title for a novel.
Honestly I do not know how to title my works. People say, create the body first then the title will come, but I create a body from the title. The title is usually my inspiration to create a piece.
I don’t seem to have any other title for now even though I have tried to come up with one, but I’ve learnt that’s not a problem since i’m still on my first draft. I have enough time to find another title ( if need be).

I intend to enlist your assistance in developing a story that’s like a furnace in my soul longing to burst out in flames.

I already have a post titled ‘My Prolificity‘, where I include the synopsis for the novel. Subsequently I’ll be posting for Character development ( i.e you’ll get to know my characters) of which I have Four main characters and their love interests.

I employ you to offer your candid opinions on my work, every little bit helps. I promise I have a tough skin.
Thank you!

Lets produce the God-Kind of romance Novel.


3 thoughts on “The God-Kind of Romance Novel

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  2. Romance novels have a destructive impact on young minds it paints a picture that falling in love is what brings happiness, if that is the case why do we still feel empty? However, as Christians we know that it’s God that gives us happiness and fills the emptiness we feel. I advice you read more of Francine Rivers she speaks to the soul it’s the best christian romance, there is nothing like getting it right especially when it comes to love. Nice one zoe

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