Age is not a number, its a word


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You know how you learn of your age mates that are doing wonders whereas you’re still…you, and you start thinking of your life? That was me today.

I found out that a mentor (sorta) was my age and I started to think very deeply. I know i’m not supposed to compare my life with other people’s because we don’t all have the same destiny blah blah blah. Well, today that advice didn’t ring true.
Why would one twenty year old be so much put together than another, like way way put together. Like one is ten years ahead of the other in every tangible ramification even though they are the same age.

I know the answer but its still amazing, how this nature vs nuture thing works.
I’m born in a village in Nigeria, same way another person(same sex) is born in a City in Nigeria. I start School at age three and she starts pre-nursery at one. She attends a British academy in Lekki while I’m enrolled in a staff school. She finishes secondary schooling by 14, I finish at 16 because I had to go through Primary 6. She gets into University in Ghana when I start taking JAMB exams. 3 Years later my dreams are crushed as I get into the State University to study a course I’ve never heard of, but she’s attending conferences in London and doing her IT in a well known African firm. By then she has read all the African legendary Novels, and has shook hands with two Nobel price winners.

I revive my dreams and start discovering the outside world by Internet and Library. I read my first Chimamanda text and I want to win the Orange Price for fiction too. When she graduates from the best private University in west Africa, I encounter an ASUU strike that lasts for a year. She relocates to California for graduate schooling, she meets new people and reunites with old friends. Their ideas merge and great organizations are birthed. In that year I discover one of her creations and I swoon, I start following her on social media. I finally graduate only to discover I don’t have the education I require to fulfil my dreams.

At age twenty-four I’m going back for the appropriate education whilst still living under my parents but she’s through with her postgraduate school and has relocated back to Nigeria to develop her dreams. By then she lives on her own, has a car, an employment plus she’s the co-founder of a renowned African NGO. I realise that I like who she is and what she is, I take lessons from her and secretly  wish to meet her one on one.
One fateful day, I discover we’re the same age.

Is age still just a number?

Nahh, age is not just a number. I’ve come to realise that competing is wrong but comparing is very positive. It makes you want to break out from your comfort zone and just do something with your life before all your beards turn grey.

You may not have been able to do anything about the kind of nurture you received but now you’re an adult individual with a fully formed nature (I hope), since you know you can do anything and be anything, it’s only natural to fight for the kind of future you want.

All events and stories in this post are basically true life except for some twists and turns. No names were mentioned and I’m one of the characters.
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4 thoughts on “Age is not a number, its a word

  1. Age is not a number, it’s a word you right. I found myself in the midst of very matured people, my first thought was to abandon the course run away and never come back. Their thought was ” what is she doing here, too young to be a consultant”, at first I won’t speak in class I felt anything I say would be wrong, even my lecturers are amazed that someone so young wants to take the course and so one day am asked a question in class at first I don’t answer later I do, I pick up courage and guess what I was not wrong. Age is just a word young or old we are not limited by age, limiting yourself it’s what kills picking up courage and striving it’s what makes you strong. If you can think it you can do it. Thanks zoe

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