God is Enough

Imagine you’re Adam; first man ever created. You live in a beautiful garden, surrounded by beautiful flowers and fruits. The only ‘person’ you have to express yourself to, talk with, share a laugh with, cry with, spend your day with- is God.

Trumpet sounds; Jesus comes and you’re the only one raptured to heaven. You get there and there are no people, just God and all the beautiful heavenly folks that don’t have your time- they’re busy singing praises. It’s just you in your new reality, and God.

Everything fails; money, dreams, people, theories, economy, government, nations. Everything you ever knew disappears. No one cares about you, they all see right through you, heck! no one cares about anyone, the World is falling apart. But God’s right next to you.

Would He be enough?
Could He satisfy you?
Would you lose your mind?

If you never knew what tomorrow held, you had no control over anything in your life. There was nothing, no man, on earth you could count on. But you had God.

Would you still take your life?

Often I imagine that God was all I had, I had no parents or money or support from anywhere. Like Job, everything was lost and every day was excruciating to go through. Breathing was a chore and Life meant nothing.  I wonder if I held on to God He would make everything okay and the absence of everything else would not be a chasm in my heart.
I wonder deeply if having God alone will suffice or I would need a few other things to buttress His invisibility.
Can God be enough?


Photo saved from someone's Display Picture, couldn't trace the source.

You’ll never know how satisfying God can be until you let go of everything else to hold on to Him.

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