Health vs Money

I never appreciated the healthy state of my teeth until I developed caries, dislocated a tooth (from opening bottled drinks) and presented with gingivitis. Summary; I couldn’t use one side of my mouth and was in great pain. That’s when I realised I shouldn’t have taken for granted those dental health tips I’ve been coming across.

Even if you’re broke and/or poor as of now but you’re not a patient in a Hospital you should do a dance and wipe that sadness off your face. Kick sadness out of your life because you have the most important cause to be jubilant.

Good health is not ordinary, never take it for granted.
People are sick for your information.
And they would all chose being broke (having insufficient cash) over wearing casts, taking nauseating pills, going through excruciating medical procedures, feeling awful 24/7, experiencing constant physiological pain and lots more.

Today, during a conversation with a Nurse friend of mine, it dawned on me the folly of pricing the abundance of money over health. No one does that, you might say, but when was the last time you thanked God for your health? 

I’m comparing health to money because lack of or insufficient money is one of the most likely reasons for people to be ungrateful and mad at God. So you want to get that purse but you can’t afford it but you can afford a morning run because your legs are fine. You don’t have savings; like your bank account is reading nil, but all your physiological readings are normal, nothing is spiking or crashing.

Funny fact: people sell their kidneys because they think they need money more than an extra body organ.

Even if your life is an utter mess and you think you have nothing to show, as long as you have no health condition that’s demobilising you on a hospital bed or wheelchair and striping you of every hope in life, try smiling for a start.
Then mutter a thank you, Lord, and then try making melody with your voice while you repeat it, then move any part of you body as you continue to say it, then stand up, and- I promise this is the last one- do a booty dance💃.
While we’re being thankful for our good health lets also Pray for people challenged in their health, for God’s mercies to save them, strengthen them and give them hope.

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