The beautiful thing about Wishes

Wishes are tagged negative forms of thinking,

Wish- to want something to be true although you know it is either impossible or unlikely. E.g Sometimes I wish I were never born.
(Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English)

A very popular quote that triggered this post is, “If wishes were horses beggars would ride on them”.
As an out of the norm thinker I wonder why it would be so wrong for beggars to ride horses.
While  this might be such a myopic view,
I believe wishes were once very powerful thoughts in a world full of magic
But as we all know humans with their depression and pessimism have  ridded our world of magic and consequently wishing is now for fools.

You know how in Disney films you can just say ‘I wish’ and whatever phrase that follows happens.
You know how people dare to wish on one star that shows up infrequently in the night sky.
There, is that powerful phenomenon- what is left of it.

People say wishing is wrong because its not backed up with any action, well I say, that’s why its amazing.
If you needed to do something of your own to support it, it wouldn’t be magical.

Beautiful people of the world,
here’s a humble African girl
declaring her believe in wishes and magic (not black magic now, c’mon).

Wishing is a thought process that partakes in forming a positive mindset. Instead of worrying about what you don’t have or seemingly can’t have, try wishing you had it and expect some magic.

There’s nothing wrong about wishing or dreaming or fantasizing or doodling: these are all ways of looking on the bright side (except doodling which might be an act of depression except you’re creating some amazing land in your doodle) and believing in magic.

Every single wish is seed for the future.
Once in my history I braced my chin on my knuckles and wished I was a blogger.
There’s nothing wrong or stupid about wishing or having a wish-list: we eventually get out wishes (cos genie is out of the bottle).



Life is truly as you wish.
C’mon now, enjoy it.


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