What if

If you could see beyond your locus
and you knew who you were born to be
If there was an outlet for all the negative words
you’ve heard since your birth
If the World was small enough to fit into your palm
such that you have power over your own universe
What if all the Stop Signs suddenly disappeared?

If you saw failing as another wrung of the ladder
and every time you fell you got up
If  all the hardship and pain in life was a joke
and you truly could rise above anything
What if you have all it takes to go through Life and win?

If there’s truly God up there
and He willed everything to you
If He’s watching to see what you can do with all the power vested in you
If you really have unlimited resources…….
What if you’re a god?

4 thoughts on “What if

  1. What if we had everything would we ever remember God? Sometimes it’s in our darkest moments we cling to God for support. What if God becomes part of us not only in the bad times but everyday

    • Thanks dear.
      The biggest Irony is, we do have everything, we just don’t know it.
      So true, I remember my Pastor in campus fellowship used to pose a question that got me thinking deeply, she used to say,
      “Now you can come to church and declare your love for God when everything is fine. If you have a gun to your head and you’re asked to denounce Christ, would you still scream out your Love for God?”

      Thank you, Ruks! You always throw more light on every post with your scintillating comments.

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