Find your Key.

As a blogger creating original posts is about sharing a thought that was first generated by you: uploading a post with Novel content; having a title that cannot be found on another material, words that are not cloned, ideas that are 100% yours. ?

This is difficult because my thoughts come from information I gather from the ideas of other people. My thoughts on a topic is a collection of all I’ve read or heard in the past.
Even when I think a post is Novel at least one person out there has similar.

So why not just post as is instead of trying to be Novel?

I can’t stop posting, I’ll post my strongest thoughts but what’s going to be excellent about it is I’ll convey it my way.

I have to have a signature and style- that’s the difference.

Find my unique way of doing things

It is okay if I’m not perfect or not original- at least I can be myself which will never have an Identical out there. This is one thing I can count on; even if I’m a mixture of everyone out there I’ll still be an individual shade.

So, I’ll simply be myself.

Being me: Is a journey of it’s own. It takes…….learning. You might say, but it’s who I am, you’ll need to discover who you are.

Just like singing.
You have a wide range of keys you can sing with- some people can sing all keys- but there’s the one key you fit in best. You may find yourself switching keys with ease but there’s one that was made for you.

Find your key.

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