Take you out of the equation.

The world’s not out to get you
Contrary to those self-pity thoughts that saturate your head
Everyone doesn’t hate you
Most people don’t even remember to think of you
But that’s not even a reason to loathe

Instead of swimming in a pool of your own tears
Wallowing in self-pity garbage
Be smart for a change
Pull you out of the scenario
And have a rethink

It’s not always about victimizing you
People don’t regard the sight of your tears contrary to what you feel
No one remembers to add making you miserable to their to do list
You’re not as doomed as it seems

The game changer  is
Delete you from the event
And redo your think

If you- with your emotions and your thoughts- weren’t even in this issue
Would it still be as terrible as it seems?
If you and your drooping shoulders weren’t in the picture
What explanation gives?

Picture this
If they were yelling at vacuum  instead of your figure
Would you sob or chuckle?

Eh it’s a proven trick that works
Jokes apart tho

Contrary to the signals firing in your skull while you wet your face in your tear-soaked pillow
You mightn’t be the target

Play a game
Take you out of the equation.

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