This Man Jesus (Pt 1)

This man Jesus is more than every president
This man Jesus is more than every scholar
He is God of all Creation
He’s the hope of every nation
At His feet every kneel must bow
This man Jesus.

That’s the lyrics of a song I sang a lot as a child, it was my regular special number (special song) at Children’s church every Sunday.

It’s only now as a young adult I can grasp the revelation of the song.

Jesus Christ is an actual person, and He’s  God. He’s real, He’s not fictitious, you can know Him; talk to Him, Love Him, hear from Him , walk with Him.
He’s the only personality you do not see but is more tangible than the things you can see. He’s that alive.
Christianity is getting to know this man who although is no longer a Human being is still a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

We can spend our entire lives fellowshipping with Christ. We should dedicate our lives to walking with Him because He’s the greatest Man that ever lived and still lives.

He’s not a ‘was’ personality. He’s not gone. He’s right here with us. Yes we see Him, not with our Ocula (eyes): we don’t need to comprehend Him with our senses before He can be real to us.

Digging deep into The Word of God (scriptures of the Bible) with the help of The Holy spirit you will discover the most amazing things one can comprehend, about this man, Jesus.
Look out for the second part of this post where I’ll be showing from scriptures who Jesus is, get ready because a revelation will come to you like never before.
Thanks for reading❤


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