Just Feminists and Men, No women.

As a woman how many times have you been branded? How often do you get told being a woman is your weakness? Do you still go about posing as a non-feminist?

There’s just men and feminists in this world, okay. Every woman is a feminist because inside her there’s that woman screaming for a fair chance in the world.

I don’t know about your world, but in mine I get told to shut up with the phrase, you’re just a woman. I get told to wait outside just because i’m a woman.

Even in sibling rivalry, check well, the boy child learns to intimidate his older sister just because she’s a girl.

I don’t know any woman who’s just a woman, all I know are women who boldly or secretly yearn to be given a fair chance in our World. I don’t know just women, I know feminists.

Feminism is not a practice it’s inborn in every one of us. It’s our survival instinct in a world where we’re branded.

I don’t know people who’re women, all I know are feminists. We’re the species created by a world that relegates us to the background.

Wake up to realise the hybrid you’ve created! You no longer have women, were all a different breed known as feminists.


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