Success isn’t the best revenge.

Don’t live your life striving to achieve great feats  just because you want to prove to the world you’re not a failure.

True, the World again and again tells you what you’re not, they slam the ‘No’ on your face, but if you ever choose to actualise a dream it shouldn’t be for revenge.

You don’t have to prove to anyone that you’re not a mediocre, it’s written in the Bible, you’re gods.
Live in your divine inheritance  don’t just strive to make a point with your entire life.

Rising above the tides of life and making a name for yourself shouldn’t be fueled by your thirst to see them grovel in amazement of who you’ve become.

Life is bigger than the Whole world with those people in it.

God has a more juicy purpose for your life. Be who He wants you to be not someone controlled by their past.

You find yourself working so hard against counsel, you’re bent on getting that position no matter what it costs. You want to become that figure they thought you could never be,  and reach the peak of that same mountain they said you couldn’t climb  so you would get a chance to pay them back for the pieces they left you in; just so you can stare in their faces and yell, take that suckers!

All of that is such a passionate adventure but you’ll eventually discover it was unnecessary because there are better things you can do with your life. Things that Jesus prepared for you long before you were born, way before that devastating event took place.

No matter what you do you can’t change what’s happened. What you can do is move on learning to reduce the possibility of making more mistakes in your life.


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