Frank Sinatra was wrong.

There’s something worse than the fear of failing, its the fear of having all the people that have wronged you in life watch you fail.

Never am I gonna let them see me plow. I’m keeping my head above water cos I know they’re watching. They didn’t go.
They drove the dagger between my ribs and they’re standing right there to watch me bleed out.
But No i’m not going to go down without a fight.
I’m going to be the one who comes back to life just so they don’t get the pleasure of watching me die.
Who really would I be living for?
Me or them?

Spending every effort to be the person that will splash mud on their clothes when I drive past in my Lamborghini.
Who would I be slave to?
Who’d really own the car?

Surgeon is it? Be the ‘neurosurgeon’ cos that’s who got the keys to Life. That’s who no one can humiliate, that’s who no one can scoff at.
Who really is the surgeon?
Me or them?

Am I gonna live for the one who matters the most to me, or am I gonna spend my days striving to outgrow my names.
Mediocre, failure, weakling, yeah you know those names.

Am I going to surrender to the sun letting the shadows drape behind me or am I going to live for those who wrong me the most?

Success isn’t the best revenge.


3 thoughts on “Frank Sinatra was wrong.

  1. Hmmm your blog is always a nice place to come and relax. People fear to fail everyday, sometimes to the extent of taking their own lives because they feel they have failed and they cannot face the world(those people)I have come to understand that failure is a part of life because each time we fail we come out stronger, so, am not scared anymore because at the end of the day Godgotme let them watch me fail they would watch me come up stronger.Nice one zoe

    • Thanks, dear. Your comment is always insightful: Let them watch me fail.
      When we overcome our fears, even that of letting the world watch us fail forward- that’s the best revenge if at all. Walking out on all the wrongs you’ve been done; shaking off the hurts. Being who God made you to be exclusively- that is the best revenge if at all.
      Thanks a bunch, Love.

    • Overcoming the fear of the World watching us fail is the best revenge if at all.
      Being confident enough in your God-given purpose such that you always walk out on all the hurt the world deals, is the best revenge if at all.
      Thanks, Love. Your comments are always refreshing as well.

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