Fountain Eyes.

It has gotten to the extent that I have to bring to public attention my disposition to tear up at the littlest things.

No, its not PMS, don’t tell me that. It’s like i’m looking for tiny windows of opportunity just to let the fountain of my eyes flow.

Whether its a little conversation with family, or it’s a movie, or it’s saying goodbye to people I barely know , or its attending a distant relative’s funeral, I always jump at opportunities to cry.

What’s happening to me?

Am I having a psychological shift of some sort? Am I bottling up too much? Seriously now what’s going on with me.

Am I really seeing beneath the surface of everything and weeping for the souls of things that be or am I a weak, pathetic girl? Do I really connect with the emotional part of everything or am I just depressed?

Its like everything is see-through and nothing really is veiled. Beneath the show, beyond the voice, its like I connect with truth and the fountain of my eyes has an automatic trigger.

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