Book Review: The Secret

I know book reviews are mostly supposed to be inspiring readers to pick up the book and read it, but this one’s different. It’s more like a critique.

When I first saw the Documentary of The Secret I was fascinated; it was nothing like I’ve ever seen or heard. I saw it in Church, my Pastor wanted us to be inspired mentally, cos we were a church of undergrads. I did get inspired, discovering that most of the legends like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Beethoven and many more, knew a Spiritual Law that formed the foundation for all the great things they did. They believed that Life is spiritual, such that we can manipulate the seen from the unseen.

‘The Secret’ is a successful organisation credited with documenting and publicizing the vital truth that has been hidden since ages.

This secret is simply The Law of Attraction: we attract what we think predominantly.

Years after watching the documentary, I got a birthday gift and in it was my copy of the Book. I was enjoying my read until I started to notice a trend….


I won't trust in the Universe.

There’s a system in the World where people are replacing God with other things. In this book I sensed that God was beaten down and transformed into The Universe.

Does it make more sense to attribute greatness to the Universe than to the one who created it?

Are we really in an age where men have risen up to shun their creator and despise him by giving credit to everything else?

There are the direct outlaws that proudly call their ‘society’ Paganism; they shun everything spiritual and instead transmit all their reverence to ordinary things like trees, animals, earth. Then there’s my favorite to dislike, the Humanists, that believe Humans are supreme. That’s where I perceive the writers of this book belong. They carefully avoid giving credit to God yet they deify the Universe He created with His words.

I’m not about to engage in an argument for whose religion is most superior, I just can’t help but lament over the success of Satan’s deception in out generation. In history, I doubt if there was a time that all things anti-Christ thrived as much as it is in our own generation.

There’s a call for us Believers to pray for our generation: Satan is in our World luring souls to his Hell. Are we going to hide in our churches doing nothing or are we going to intercede for the souls of our neighbors, colleagues, family, generation?

Back to our Book Review.
The Secret is a beautiful book, okay. You can read it if you wish, you might even discover these things i’m pointing out that don’t rhyme with Christianity.
For example,
I have a little issue with the book’s instruction to FEEL things into being. It seems like empowering the most unreliable part of our being-the Flesh. I know feelings are important; they’re an indication of what’s going on in our mind. But as children of The Word and people of the Spirit we do not let our feelings lead us. Naturally, feelings are feedback from our mind but spiritually feelings are carnal. 

So, there goes the book review for this month.
Thanks for reading ☺.


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