The Parable of the Sower (Part 2)

Luke 8: 5-15

Jesus once told a phenomenal parable to a gathering of people; about a sower who took seeds and threw them about. The outcome of the sowers ‘experiment’ has become an extraordinary lesson from Jesus that we all need to apply in our Christian walk.

The seed is the Word.

Seeds that fell by the way side (verse 5)

The seed falling by the wayside is the Word of God coming to the ‘unsaved’. Their hearts are not good grounds for planting. The Bible calls it ‘The wayside’, it’s like wasting seed. They would need to be saved for the Word to be effective in them.

Fate of the Seed:

  • It was trampled upon
  • The Birds of the air devoured it

The Bible says, Satan comes and takes away the Word OUT OF THEIR HEARTS. Can you imagine this! This is impossible with Believers, Satan isn’t that powerful, but with the Unbelievers he goes straight to their hearts and removes the Word they’ve heard SO THAT THEY DO NOT BEAR ANY FRUITS. How sad.

Those category of people go to church, or come by the message of The Word of God but it doesn’t make any difference in their lives because Satan takes it out.

Seeds that fell on Rock (Verse 6)

The Bible says, “….as soon as it sprang up, it withered away because IT LACKED MOISTURE.”

Here we have the Stony hearts. These kind of hearts lack moisture that is, no Love, tenderness or any spiritual virtue exists in it to nurture the Word into bearing fruits.

According to verse 13,

  • They receive the Word with joy and excitement; but the Joy has NO ROOT.They’re probably the ones that scream loudest in Church while the Pastor preaches.
  • They believe for a while but in the time of temptation (the evil day) their believes fall away.

This is why many Christians wonder that they’re not growing; since they became born again many years ago there’s been no difference in the character of their Spirits – if at all they’ve managed to develop a character of the Spirit.

The Word is not staying because their hearts,

  • Lack moisture ( Spiritual virtues)
  • Have no roots (Faith)

The  Ground is the Heart of men.


Seeds that fall among thorns ( Verse 7)

The thorns sprang up and choked the seeds.

According to the  Bible in verse 14 the thorns are,

  • Cares
  • Riches
  • Pleasures of Life

When people saturate their hearts with the above, as soon as the Word arrives these thorns SPRING UP – that’s when your money won’t let you attend service, cares won’t let you pray or meditate, you and your friends are having a luxury vacation this time of the year so attending that bible conference in church has to be next year.

This scenario is the most frightful; the ‘thorns’ CHOKE the Word and kills it so that the Word brings no fruit to maturity.  Imagine this heart is not stony at all, it’s moisturized with love, patience, long-suffering and the rest, Satan has no access to the contents of this heart and so the seeds start to produce beautiful fruits, but guess what, right out from the midst of the same ground thorns germinate and engulf the lovely fruits to death. So vivid! There’s no better way for The Lord to warn us of the dangers of filling our lives with the cares of this World.


Seeds that fall on good ground( Verse 8)

What does it mean for a ground to be good? Which ground is GOOD? What makes a ground good?

Verse 15 says,  those who heard the Word with a NOBLE HEART and KEPT IT ( the Word) bore forth fruit WITH PATIENCE.

There you have the answers to the three questions posed. A good ground is the Noble heart , it’s qualified as ‘noble’ because it’s the only heart that KEEPS the Word it heard. Meaning the rocky and thorny hearts didn’t deliberately KEEP the Word. Emphasis on ‘keep’ because it’s a strong biblical verb. It’s like the duty of a goalkeeper in a Soccer game which is to ‘Keep’ the goal post.

This kind of heart PATIENTLY holds on to God’s Words – it can meditate on one verse for a whole Month – until it produces fruits.

I’m going to conclude this post with the very words of our Beloved Saviour Jesus Christ,

I am the true vine, and my Father is the vine dresser. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit He (God, The Father) takes away;  and every branch that bears fruit He Prunes, that it may bear more fruit.

Thanks for patiently reading. ❤


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