The 0.000000000005% Man.

99% of the prince charmings and knights in shinning armors in the world wants to sleep with us (girls, ladies, women).
Of the 1% that doesn’t want to sleep with you before marriage, you won’t be attracted to 0.5% of them, 0.25%percent of them won’t be spiritual enough.
Of the remaining 0.25%, 0.05% will be too broke for you, (and you know poverty and righteousness don’t work together) .

So, you’re left with 0.05% of men.
My point really is that, we have to be sensitive and very led by the Spirit before we fall in love with men, simply because the man God has for us is not that available. It will take an eagles eye(divine eye) for us to find him.

If we prepare to wait from the beginning, we wouldn’t have to waste our time with the – fix that guy’s name here- and what have you. We would be in one piece (spirit, soul and BODY) when we meet our 0.00000000005% man.


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