The Parable of The Sower (Part 1)

Growing up, I went to Church regularly with my parents. Whenever I was in the Adult congregation (cos we had children’s church) I would make notes of everything the Pastor said- even his ‘halleluyahs’. What I discovered was, he would preach different sermons but one thing was common to all of them; he would always declare The Word of God as the antidote, prequisite, tool, for all the beautiful things he had talked about.

It wasn’t just that one preacher. They all said to get The Word. I gathered that The Word of God is the greatest and most important possession a Christian could have; it was answer to every enigma, solution to every problem… and since I was just venturing into the Christian Faith I sought after the Word of God sincerely.As a teenager, I asked my Mum where I could find this Word of God and she led me to the Bible. I read the Bible blindly for years until I discovered that it was the Spirit of God who changed those writings to a powerful message from God to us.

Since then i’ve been basking in the beauty of the knowledge of God’s Word, but it wasn’t enough to just know what God was saying. It needed to effect the appropriate change in me. Just looking into the Word of God was transforming, but I always yearned for more manifestation of the power of The Word of God in my Life. Recently, I was studying the Bible -cos I have a goal to read the bible cover to cover for the first time this year; yeah,  I know, I shoud’ve by now– and, The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the secrets of causing The Word to produce in us what it talks about. This secret was in one of His infamous parables, The Parable of The Sower (Luke. 8:5-15). I had read that parable so many times and had gotten different explanations for it, but now that I have the Holy Spirit’s interpretation it has transformed my relationship with God’s Word.

I’m going to end this post here for brevity sake and will post the second part next week, where i’ll be sharing what God showed me about making the Word bear fruits in our lives.

Thanks for reading. ❤


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