Hello, Loneliness.

It’s here again. That phase of seclusion for reformation. It doesn’t seem anything good can come out of months of depression and longing for companionship. Not until you recognize who’s back and why they love you so much.

Social media just fades out and its no longer a beehive of socialization for you, everyone avoids you like they heard something about you. You turn on your internet and there’s no notification, its like you’re forgotten or even repulsive.

No one wants to hangout, there’re no shout outs for you. No voice mails, no missed calls. No one even remembers you. They can see right through you, you’ve faded away. Again.

It takes a while for you to realise who’s back. They who show up and everyone else walks away. They who show up and the whole world becomes a four walled abyss. They’re the most selfish effect you can ever experience.

They who keep you just for themselves. They who visit only when its time. Like a man who travels to his mistress.

You see them and you can only surrender because when its time The Master sends them and they turn upside down your whole life just to get your attention. They’re all you’re gonna be left with after this dramatic entrance. But at least you know its time.

Time to shed your skin and evolve.

The last time you wrestled them, you only ended up spent because when they’re here they can’t be evicted. You’re going to try to reach out to people, but you’ll only be making a fool of yourself because they’re here and no one else can be.

Then the thought of who you’ll be when they’re gone makes you sit through the dismal feeling. You know what this is so you yield. It’s not for good, its just for now.

You’re hugging yourself and staring into the emptiness but still you’re asking, 
What lessons do you have this time?


5 thoughts on “Hello, Loneliness.

  1. Lol. No one wants to hangout(am guilty). I have come to understand that loneliness is a feeling we actually allow, and if not handled well it could lead to wrong decisions in our desperation to overcome it. that’s were talking to Jesus comes in,When you chat with your creator regularly you won’t really feel lonely yes because he has lots of assignments and lessons to teach you. I have seen people who do it and I long for a time like that. Till then, put yourself in church community and keep touching lives that is key. Nice one

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