Faith struggle.

My life so doesn’t have to be perfect; I don’t have to have it my way- don’t have to fulfil my dreams, don’t have to know what’s in tomorrow.
I don’t have to be excellent by all means, it’s okay to be a failure: I don’t have to have a career and be heading in the right direction. Being a mess doesn’t mean something.

What matters is i’m in sync with Christ’s Dreams: I praise Him everyday, I thank Him, I serve Him, I try to study His Word all the time.
I grapple with Faith -at least i’m sticking with it- I try to please HIM everyday.
What matters is i’m chasing after His dream and living HIS Life.

My validation should come from looking at the sun -feeling it’s warmth over my face- not from trying (still!) to be somebody/something I see in my mind’s eyes.

All my mistakes- no matter how many- they don’t add up to something. They’re irrelevant.
What matters is i’m failing forward in my Faith.

I’m happy to struggle with my Faith. (At least I have Faith.)


2 thoughts on “Faith struggle.

  1. You could have a perfect career and have anything money can buy, but if you ain’t got Jesus you ain’t got nothing, you empty. Tanks zoe

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