What is Gospel?

I walked in on a program airing live on a Christian network, the first thing I heard from the guest on this program made me very upset.

My eyes turned red, my mum was on the couch watching this program while I blurted my annoyance. This lady on the show had made one isolated statement, “Abortion is offensive to God.”
And she went on with the campaign for whatever. It turned my head. Anyone could’ve been watching that broadcast. Some viewer could’ve tuned to that christian channel for the first time that morning, just to see what goes on there or from a divine push.
How can an unbeliever relate with such an utterance?
It would definitely turn them away. It would sound like the Christian making the statement thought herself better than  the people who commit/have committed abortion. 

I couldn’t come to terms with the statement. It’s true God doesn’t like abortions. I don’t like abortions, I love babies, unborn babies- that’s why I want to be a pediatrician/ neonatal surgeon. But what about situations where medically the only option is termination of pregnancy?
Let me explain.
A woman is pregnant happily but develops pregnancy complications  early in the pregnancy, say first trimester. Doctors know the baby won’t make it plus the woman’s life is at risk so they give her the advice to let them bring out the fetus who has little or no chances of surviving. While I believe in miracles and if I were ever in that position would never let my baby be taken out of my body, if the woman agrees to the doctor’s suggestion, would she have offended God?
My answer is No.
God wants us to have faith in Him, He loves to see us work miracles, but He’s not offended when we grapple with our faith or yield to His permissive Will or anything like that. He wants us strong and always working in His perfect will, BUT faith doesn’t reach its full strength at once, and some people don’t even know this Faith.

Sin is relative.
Abortion is a sin. Does that put the woman on the operating table fighting for her life and the teenager in the bathroom sticking a clothe hanger into her womb in the same category?

I honestly can’t decide for God what offends him. I can’t be the judge of what is right or wrong. Honestly. I’m a Savior and lives depend on my ministry but that doesn’t make me the judge of people’s actions. It is between God and that woman.
Even this teenager gouging herself with a hanger, I can’t be the judge over her action.

I voiced my displeasure that day, my mother heard but didn’t say anything-which is unlike her. I didn’t want to know what context the statement was being used because any ‘soul’ could have walked in as I did and instantly gotten turned off by the supposed ‘Gospel’ that should bring salvation.

Not every sinner loves sin.
They’re being deceived by Satan. Satan is the Master Deceiver. Imagine he lies to us Children of God daily, what would those without a foundation in Light have to combat his lies when his talons sink into their minds?

When my Mum eventually spoke, she said Christians have different approaches to soul winning; while some were like me, ‘tender and careful’ some where ruthless Evangelists; they hit you with the Gospel and you either get knocked into salvation or you’re knocked out into Hell.
It is fire for fire, she said. Those Christians don’t have time to sugar-coat the gospel.
Oh, I see. I wondered aloud , who was the Gospel for: Believers or unbelievers? If there was anything like ‘raw gospel’ would it be ruthless or honey-dripping loving?

I try never to be obstinate about my opinions. They should be malleable to the instructions of The spirit of God. I only can’t help but react to words I know would hit a metallic surface on the souls they’re supposedly uttered to save.

I told my Mum, most Christians cannot imagine how difficult it is for the unsaved to deal, without any standard or truth.
Maybe we as Christians trying to reach the unsaved should start by trying to imagine how it is in their shoes. Remember when you were in sin, how was it? If you were condemned in that state would it have made you yield to salvation?

Our duty is not to rub their sins on their faces, it’s to guide them lovingly to the cross.

Souls are not saved by our words, they’re saved by the Love of Christ.

2 thoughts on “What is Gospel?

  1. Mummy is right, every christian has their different manner of approach to certain things. Some Christians feel what is wrong is wrong, they don’t try to pet the situation but Christians need to learn the ministry of presence i.e to seat in someone’s grief and try to understand their position especially in sensitive issues like this its all about reaching out. Thanks dearie you know I told you I was working on writing about the emotional battles women struggle with after an abortion, this was really helpful.

    • I’m glad this post helps you and thanks for your comment.

      ‘The ministry of Presence’ is definitely something we should learn. And its really a battle faced after an abortion, it’s never easy even if it was deliberate. People live with the guilt forever and condemning them for such does more bad than good.
      I just hope Christians can go about this the right way especially with The U.S making abortion Legal. I just hope Satan doesn’t win both ways.

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