Book Review- The Power Of Your Mind.


This book was launched last month; it’s the No.1 bestselling Christian book on mind-management right now. 

There are so many books on The Mind already, so why read yet another?

1. The author is a gifted teacher of The Word of God.
2. There’s the world’s approach to mind-management, and there is this book- God’s approach.

Here’s a chapter by chapter SUMMARY of this awesome book that has revolutionalized my mindset.

Walking in Divine Excellence.
Life is absolutely spiritual. To live a successful life we need to tap into the unseen resources we possess because our physical abilities won’t suffice. Unseen resources such as our Mind.

God has given us our minds for our transformation.

The mind is a tool.

Your mind is unlimited in its potential to create whatever you desire.

Transforming Your World through the power of A Renewed Mind.
Of course there’s a carnal mind, and there’s The Renewed Mind. The mind of a believer is renewed by constant fellowship and meditation on The Word of God. There’s a transformation that takes place inside of us by studying the Bible daily; the way we think and talk changes. Maybe even the way we walk.
Pastor Chris, the Author, calls Mind Management– reorganizing and reprogramming your mind with God’s Word.

You are a reflection of your Thoughts.

Protect your mind.

Bar out all evil thoughts.

How can we do this? The Bible says to ‘Mount guard over your heart.’ This gives a picture of knights who watch over castles, they prevent unwanted guest. Likewise, we should put a knight over the front door of our mind. This front door is our senses; our eyes and ears. What’re we feeding our eyes on? What do we listen to? The answer will directly correlate to the kind of thoughts that will barge into our minds.
I do know however that in our kind of world we have limited control over what we see or hear.  Here’s what to do;

If someone says something that challenges God’s Word, bar it from your mind!

You have control over your own mind. Don’t try to accommodate or reason out those negative thoughts.
Since I discovered this I’m no longer prey to the negative thoughts that enter my mind, I just leave them fallow. I don’t cultivate the wrong thoughts at all.

What to think on.

(Paraphrased from Phillipians 4:8)

Whatever thought that comes to you, if it doesn’t match the above criteria, don’t process it. Dwell only on thoughts/ideas that match the criteria in Phillipians 4:8.

Take No Thoughts.
‘Taking thought’ is a biblical phrase for worrying.

Free yourself of self-inflicted, internal conflicts.

Pastor Chris asks, Why hold on to something that’s a connection to unhappiness? That hit me. Why really would anyone do that! Just let them go. Brood on happy thoughts only, let them fill your mind. Give no room to depressing thoughts, thoughts of defeat, thoughts that make you feel small. It’s not a pride-complex to think high thoughts of yourself, it is seeding your mind to produce in your life  the right fruits of Success.

You cannot afford to be small in your mind.

Use your mind right.

You can decide that you want to set your mind on the things of God.

It’s a decision everyone that truly loves Jesus would take. Delight yourself in Him. Make Him the centre of your world. Chose to serve Him with your life.
*Say the right things.
*Utter words of gratitude.
*Sing songs of praise to God.

The Power of Thoughts.

Cultivate your thinking processes and create the right pictures about everything that concerns you.

‘Reasoning’ involves creation, recalling, reviewing, and processing of images for meaning. This is entirely up to you, you can chose the thoughts to process or not to. Cultivate an effective thinking process.

Every thought that makes you resent or despise people, or makes you work against the purposes of God is from the Devil, not from you.

That’s profound. I used to think all my thoughts are a reflection of the state of my heart, so if I conceived terrible thoughts I would feel very dirty, but good news! It wasn’t me, it was that lying snake, Satan, who tried to seed me with negative thoughts.
Pastor Chris says, God has declared you good, and so evil, unhealthy, or negative thoughts can’t emanate from you. Wow! This is a New Creation Reality. It’s the kind of truth that puts you over the lies of Satan.

Mental sight.
This part of the book got me squealing with excitement. It’s the most fun part of our mind. Seeing for realities. Imagination is mental activity that is P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L.

Always build in your mind the right pictures about what you want in Life.

Pastor says to activate your Faith-eyes to see beyond your present horizon.
Help your vision by putting up around you physical pictures of what you want.

If you don’t like the life you’re living, you can change it.

Just hold on to those pictures with your mind.

What you can imagine you can create.

Have daily ‘moments of creation’ when you just stay still and recreate your world with your mind. Call it fantasies if you like, but don’t take it lightly.

This is the only reason you may have tried every ‘tip’ I’ve shown you and still don’t have a grasp over your mind. 
They’re ‘Mental walls’ and beliefs that hold us back from experiencing the power of a renewed mind. Thank God! there’s a way to pull them right down.

Pastor says, these strongholds are ideas, theories, imaginations, reasonings, beliefs e.t.c contrary to God’s Word that attack and capture people’s minds.

Our weapon for pulling these strongholds down is The Armour of God. This kit contains the following;
1. The belt of Truth.
2. The breastplate of righteousness,
3. Boots of preparedness of the Gospel.
4.Shield of Faith.
5.Helmet of Salvation, and
6. Sword of The spirit.
Our spiritual walk as Christians require all these if we’re to quench and extinguish the fiery( flamy) darts the wicked one aims at us all the time.

Finally Brethren.

You may not always be responsible for how information comes to you, but you’re certainly responsible for what you do with it; that is how you process and act on it.

You must remember that your attitude and character is a product of your mind management.

You’ve got to renew your inward man everyday through the word of God.

You can place an order for your copy of this phenomenal book on,


2 thoughts on “Book Review- The Power Of Your Mind.

  1. Nice one. The mind is very powerful however we can be in total control of it through the guidance of the holy spirit. Negative thoughts would certainly come but as Christians we should know who we are and be careful not to dwell on such thoughts. Thanks for sharing

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