Faith Like Swimming.


Photo credit: Ni-Ola photography.

“The water will carry you,” said Dede. “You cannot sink,”she added. “Try this; kneel first, spread your hands and let go.”
I did just that and guess what? I swam!

A little background…
Since I was probably 8 i’ve longed to be able to swim. I once asked a friend, “If you could be any animal which would you be?” His response was, “I can never be an animal.” Well, my answer was A fish!
I Love the aquatic life; I think fishes are the happiest animals. I used to be cautious to say it aloud because of this African myth that people who Love water-bodies too much have ‘water- spirit’, but what the heck mehn. I Love the ocean, I’m thrilled when I dream about it.
It was such a bummer that I couldn’t SWIM.

Finally, after two decades, I swam. A couple of weeks back. Thanks to my friend, Dede and some maturity instinct I will post about in the future.

Present day
I went to a different pool today, and it was deeper, 4feet! The previous pool was 3.5. This 4ft water reached my shoulders! I was scared but also embarrassed cos I had bragged to my friend that I could swim and there i dragged my tail to the children’s pool.
When I couldn’t take the shame anymore I met a staff and told her I was scared to swim in the 4ft pool. Ask me ‘why?’ It was because I knew  I couldn’t stand up from swimming position without the support of my hand and if I used my hand to support myself in this 4ft pool my head would still be in water!
She told me, “From swimming position just place one foot first on the bed and then stand up.” She showed me and said, “You cannot drown since your feet can touch the ground and your head is out of the water.”
Oh, Okay. One try and I did it. Whereas before she told me these I tried to stand up but I seemed to be drowning; I dramatically reached for her hand and grabbed it.

1.Faith Comes  By Hearing.
I only needed to hear people I trust ( to not let me drown) give me  swimming tips and I swam. Before they told me-and I heard it- It seemed impossible for me.
Faith is so. Until you hear The Word of God you can’t muster up  faith.

2. Fear Hinders Faith.

The only things that are impossible are those fear create.

A lot of people that ‘can’t’ simply never moved past the fear of failing. Swimming came naturally the moment I overcame my fears. I’ve always been afraid of;
*sinking into the water and never coming up.
“You cannot drown in THIS pool,” Dede had told me and my fear of sinking dissipated. Once I found out it was true -there was no monster drowning people in the water- all my other fears related to swimming went ‘poof!’ into thin air, and I tried so many swimming moves I couldn’t have imagined I would in ‘day 2’ of swimming. I remember Dede kept saying, “Wow, You learn fast.” My fears weren’t available and anything was possible with me.
That’s Faith for you, in the absence of fear it will thrive and produce unbelievable results.

3.Faith is Action.
Faith is putting God’s Word to practice, you do not receive Rhema and do nothing with it.

Faith is strengthened by hearing, grown by acting.

I’ve been saying, ‘I want to swim’ and I’ve been learning but until I leapt into the water I didn’t. Whatever you’re having faith for, if you don’t take a step and DO, you can not actualize. Is it your health? Get up from that sick bed and do the things you love to do.

Faith is not static, it’s dynamic.

4. Faith is rewarding.
Watching your faith work is exhilarating. You can’t but do more with this new found key to limitless possibilities.
When I let go of my fears and swam I felt on top of the world, I felt I could really do anything.

5. Faith is a sign of spiritual maturity.
It took maturity for me to decide to swim. I saw swimming as a milestone, I mean, I should’ve been swimming since like yesterday. I was ready to tick ‘swimming’ on my bucket list already. So when I got helpful tips and encouragement I didn’t hesitate, it was time.
It’s like with my faith in the month of April, I deliberately decided to put it to work. Something had happened and I realised that if I couldn’t muster faith for little things how can I move mountains out of my way in the future? I started to practice my faith on every little thing I would usually dismiss and give in to.
I had an ear infection and I refused to take medication because Rhema (spoken Word of God) says, Infection cannot thrive in my body.
( Don’t gimme that look now.) I believed and that’s how my fear of dying from some brain complication due to the infection disappeared. So did this ailment eventually. I share this testimony everywhere, it’s my witness that Faith works.

Spiritually there’s a lot to achieve; Giants to defeat, Cities to conquer, walls to bring down.

Faith takes you up the spiritual pyramid.

6. Faith is a necessity.
Swimming is basic life necessity. My friend told me she wasn’t meant to swim and I laughed. There’s no lung that isn’t meant for swimming. Everybody can swim, some are just too afraid to learn how.
Likewise, there’s no Believer that doesn’t posses faith.
I used to accept that I didn’t have faith for some spiritual activities -like sowing first fruits- but that was a lie from the pit of hell, I do have faith to do anything, give anything, receive anything. I can’t lack faith in some areas and thrive with faith in others. We must utilize our Faith in every situation.


3 thoughts on “Faith Like Swimming.

  1. Yes I was there laughing and making a whole joke of this step of faith, for real that’s what the world does when we hope for the impossible they call it crazy faith. I learnt faith is spiritual maturity very correct if you ain’t got faith then you don’t know that the God we serve is a God of all possibilities. #keeptrustingGod

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