Late Night Musing-This City and My Guys.

I recently changed location and while at my former place, ooh I made some badass friends. I met people. I loved this city. I let my inner diva show.
I grew up in a village everyone calls a small town, and my parents were a ‘small town’ themselves: in that they didn’t let us mix up much. I grew up being indoor all the time and always running back to the four walls of my house- there I felt safe.
As a young adult, I didn’t know how to ‘go out’- hang out. I simply stayed in. I turned down dates and….the worse thing is, I didn’t even let people come visit. It was a messed up way of living.
I’m glad I finally got cracked after university, while in This City I love and will miss. I met some brown haired, free-spirited young man that showed me the way to have fun, city style.


Then he had to leave and I was my own girl. Boy, did I hang out! I went out with myself a lot. It was refreshing. I didn’t hesitate, I even blew a whooping sum(my house rent)in a short time on hang out. Lol.

It took a while of chilling solo, but eventually I found my pack.



I met them in my last month in This City, but it was ‘mad fun’ as they say.

Its amazing how bonds form.
Basically, I clicked off with these guys n girls the first time we met. It wasn’t a struggle. We just saw and the rest was adventurous history. And every moment shared with them was epic- how’s that even possible! There wasn’t a dull moment. I found myself hanging with them late into the night- and I would usually not give up my early sleeping habit for anything.

Here’s the thing…
Yesterday, I came back to my ‘small town’ and for a moment I did feel small again. That’s when I heard  The Holy spirit say,

It’s not about the place, it’s about the mindset of the person.

Oh, I got it. I’ve always confessed,

Put me in any place and I will excel!

Once, again it didn’t matter so much anymore because the word of God came rising up in me when I needed it.

I’m going to miss my guys( n girls) so much. I going to miss The City. Will definitely miss KFC and shoprite. Will miss Christ Embassy , Ilorin…..the list is endless, trust me. Well, I’ll miss these. My consolation is the world is small and round ( err…spherical), so definitely we’ll magnetise ourselves to each other again some day.
This is one of those posts that breaks out from status quo. Its 4:11AM right now and it’s not a new week but I gotta send this out before I change my mind and before it becomes meaningless from over editing. 😉

5 thoughts on “Late Night Musing-This City and My Guys.

  1. not about the place but the mindset of the person…..
    beauty nd expression comes from in to out…so all it takes to have those times wherever nd with whoever is just the inner part of you we know…..rock on!…bt in all you have the greatest friend everywhere you go..the one who stays with yu even when others are mot there coz HE LOVES YOU ALWAYS…you know Him better than I do..#winks

    • You’re on point, Love! We’re never alone. God’ll always put people like you-as amazing as you- in my life.
      And yeah, The Holyspirit is the most fun to spend tine with.
      Thanks dearie!

  2. Hmmmmmmm…i guess I’ve learnt now that the city gives us a glimpse of the kind of life we really wanna live (even in the village) 😊
    Go girl…the holy spirit is always right! 😉

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