The Inside Job.

I’ve always known there’s a way to true happiness and bliss. And this way is inwards.

Happiness doesn’t come to you, it comes from within you.

The way to happiness is not ‘there!’ 👉, it’s 👈 in you. We all have all we need inside of us. We just have to believe and act . Of course it takes learning: it’s a process. You’ll have to finally begin to let go of a lot of irrelevant outward things. Its like  removing irrelevant stuff from your backpack so you can move faster.

•Let go of the outward things;

Do not look at the things that are seen because they are temporary, it is the unseen that is eternal.(paraphrased from
2Corinthians 4:18.)

Instead of worrying and stressing over things just let go. Of course someone will handle it for you, Angels are there. God said to let go, so- take a break, turn away. I Love the lyrics of this soundtrack from the animation ‘Home’;

‘Turn your face towards the sun, let the shadows fall behind you.’

De-clutter  your life, is it stagnant relationships or toxic habits? Let ’em go.

Invest in your spirit: What will matter in The Evil day is what you’ve stored inside of you. It’s like foam, if it hasn’t absorbed anything, when its squeezed nothing comes out, but when its soaked in water, a little pressure and water comes out. What are you made of?
It goes beyond stuffing junk into your mind, the most powerful part of your inner man is your spirit, romance novels, action movies, political literature, soap operas and the likes, are all pretty useless to your spirit. Spirit food is not man-made. Go figure.
You might have a well developed mind; your mental prowess is fancy, you’re melancholic and have a high IQ- but when Life happens to you, your brain will be useless, trust me.
It’s nice to spend time reading books and developing yourself, travelling and doing stuff, but that’s just a tiny fragment of The Inside Job. What you’ll pull out from inside you in the day of adversity will have to be from your spirit if its going to have any effect.
Living from inside out is operating from the Spirit, that’s why it’s a dependable way to live life. Life is spiritual after all, so if you’re going to always win you have to establish your Operating Center in Your spirit, not your mind or worse still your Flesh.

•Remain Calm; everything is an Art, even peace. The Art of Peace. Live in the eye of the storm, learn how to withdraw from the chaos and remain inside until you get a hold of what you need to calm the raging storm.
You know how the involuntary response to trouble is panic, reprogram yourself let your default response no longer be to fret. Remain calm.
Thinking at that instance may not even be wise, don’t think. Kai! Its really profound to learn how to turn off your thoughts. Everything is getting out of hand, just zone out; retreat to yourself. Get what you need from within you, is it strength, courage, wisdom, faith? you’re not going to find it out there, definitely not in all the chaos. You’ll have to rein yourself in to come out with what’ll work in the given circumstance.
People will look at you and wonder why you’re so calm and unperturbed in averse situations. They may not know its because you operate from an unseen realm.

2 thoughts on “The Inside Job.

  1. Worry don’t take people far as they expect it to..@ the end of the day is just like a rocking chair..moving ceaselessly but going no where.Our Happiness as christians does not come from external factors or situations but found in christ and christ is in us….Gr8 Writeup dear..xx.

    • Thanks, Love. So true! We’re only sane IN Christ, outside him we’re a hot mess. That’s why we should make our abode in Him and live from Inside Out.
      Great to have your input here, dearie! Looking forward to more of it. xo.

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