More than Human

I’m only human; the seemingly justifiable excuse for most of the shortcomings of Men. Men as in the bible sees it-all humans on earth.
Imagine the arguments of people,
“I’m irrational in my judgment and actions- but, i’m only human- so let me off the hook.
I’m a sex predator- well, I have blood not water flowing in my veins” – I earn the right to be a dog?
“I’ve ruined someone’s life: made a terrible mistake- i’m human!“- I get to walk free.

Well, I’m not human.
Humanity isn’t my identity: it’s a fragment of who I am. Being human doesn’t give me freedom to act irrationally, it’s not my justification to err, against God and man.
Humanity isn’t my prison, it’s neither my god. I have a say- I, the Spirit that I am. Well, I’m Spirit. I’m spirit occupying human flesh. Like a woman wearing a dress, she’s not her dress! She doesn’t kill and blame it on the dress, does she! Our humanity is our house: our ticket to be in this earth.
Humanity is filthy animal life. Originating from dust. How could you base your choices on animal-life when you have divinity in you!

Well, I’m not human.
I’m more than human. I’m in charge of each and every of my decisions. If I slip, I did, I don’t blame it on my flesh- ‘meat suit’ as someone put it. I don’t give my flesh power over me, it’s only my domicile for as long as i’m on earth which is little compared to the eternity for which my spirit will exist.
I’m human with a difference.

“Don’t you know you are gods! Yet you will die like mere men.”


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