Book Review: Piercing The Darkness.

I feel different today, and I don’t know if I can explain it. Undoubtedly it stems from my fanciful proposition of the morning, the possibility of my guilt. Being guilty, or even feeling guilty, is not pleasant, of course, but the mere suggestion of it seems to have weakened another nagging emotional companion of mine: despair. It makes me think of a clown hitting his thumb with a hammer to get his mind off his headache: now that I feel guilty, I don’t feel as much despair.
But—and this is purely for the sake of discussion—it could be said that the reasons go deeper than that. As I’ve said before, an all-out plunge into humanism and its total lack of absolutes can leave you groping for fences, wondering where you are, wishing you could know something for sure. Now that’s despair.
Then suddenly, guilt—well, the possibility of guilt—has come upon the scene, and I find myself playing with the thought that I might be standing in the wrong, which means I could have violated a standard somewhere, which means there might be a standard to be violated, which means there might be something out there somewhere that I can know for sure. So, I guess I said all that to say this: If I really can be guilty, if I really am guilty, then at least I know where I stand. Suddenly, after all this time, I’ve found a fence, a boundary, and just the thought of that dispels that old cloud of despair, so much that I’ve noticed it.
Sally Beth Roe.


I finished reading this book for the second time last night, it was like I was reading it for the first time. I still got goosebumps and I still rattled in tongues spontaneously through the chapters.
Every once in a while someone creates something extraordinary and the dictionary word for it I believe is ‘epic’. Frank Peretti’s Piercing the darkness is Epic!
It’s a christian novel but i’m sure anyone who reads it will be touched, there’ll be an impact in the readers spirit, because God himself influenced Peretti to give such graphical ILLUMINATION.

The opening text contains the honest words of my most inspiring character of all time, Sally Beth Roe. Sally has existed in my mind ever since I first read the Novel in 2013. She’s vivid and eclectic. Many a couple of time through the novel I tried to imagine how it would be in her shoes, it wasn’t hard because she faced life’s challenges like we all do, what was inspiring was her responses- the woman’s mind was amazing! Even though she was fictional she inspired me optimally.
Because of the novel i’ve got strength in my believe that God loves me- like he did Sally- and He surrounds me by a great company or angelic warriors. 
Before I read ‘Piercing The Darkness’, I knew angels existed but I wasn’t aware of their dynamism.
The descriptions by Peretti gives these Spirit Beings a whole new three dimensional appeal. He gives such vivid descriptions of the personality and appearance of the angels;

Cree The Native American and Si the East Indian…. Mota the Polynesian and Signa the Oriental… Chimon the European and Scion of the British Isles… Nathan the Arabian…..Armoth the African…

A most amazing scene in the novel was where one angel, Tal the captain of the host of heaven actually became visible to Sally’s eyes helping her escape her death.

THE LIGHT OF day hurt Sally’s eyes. She was out in the morning air. She could see the herb garden and people gathered there.
A huge man held her, his face like bronze, his hair like gold. He set her down and pointed toward the mountains.
“Run, Sally! RUN!”

Every minute of this book is C.A.P.T.I.V.A.T.I.N.G!
I was stirred in my spirit to know that I too had such angels. I remember, that year after reading this novel I became so conscious of the guard of angels that I created a description for my own angels. I named the two closest ones- Like Tal and Armoth- Aya and Michel.

Humanism, Mysticism and all that deception of Satan.
I used the main character’s letter as opening because there’s a lot to learn from it. She was talking about Guilt and a fence as  a woman that was exposed to humanism (satanism if you ask me) early in her life. For years she was being brainwashed into believing she was God and there’s no good or evil, no right or wrong; no fence. She belonged  to an organisation that schooled and initiated her into so many (demonic) practices; mysticism, spirit-guides, soul travelling and the likes. Her spirit guide-an actual demon- tricked her into drowning her four month old baby in a tub. The majority of the people in the organization thought they were discovering their potentials and channelling into every detail of their humanity, but in reality they were in a demonic cobweb.
Sally Roe was deep in sin and she didn’t feel any guilt.  She was surrounded by peculiar demons; Fear, Despair, Insanity, Death and her most personal, Destroyer. He was a spirit-guide she invited into her life, She called him Jonas. A lot of people have no idea what there’re really involved in outside the church: whatever doesn’t have God in it has Satan and his demons all over it.

Humanism is some form of confusion Satan has seeded into many minds, it growing fast like a virus; spreading across nations. People no longer want to talk about God. In milder forms, people don’t want to accept that we’re in the end time; “No, Jesus should wait,” they say sarcastically. Man has yielded into satan’s deception of believing there is no God and there is no satan; it’s just planet earth in a vast universe. They say Christians are brainwashed and losing their rights to some deity who doesn’t even exist. They say religion is prison. *sigh*

God’s unconditional Love.
The beautiful and most inspiring thing about the book is God set His Love on her despite her aversion to Him. She was all about proving that there was no God, just very intelligent and versatile human beings, yet He chose to bring her to light.
God guarded her with the most extraordinary spirit beings: Tal and Guilo, Nathan and Armoth, Mota and Signa, Cree and Scion. Powerful angelic creatures! All on her guard, how amazing.

She was only a little broken woman in the physical but spiritually she was heavenly’ treasure and untouchable.

I love how Sally even though she couldn’t comprehend it craved for light.

Even if we cannot fathom that Christ is God, we should at least be open to let Him SHOW US.

God loves us like crazy, He is real. Angels are everywhere, so are demons. The spirit realm is more dynamic than we realise; much more than out realm.

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