The Revolution In Existence.

In a previous post, The reason, I mentioned that we’re here on earth for ‘The revolution in existence’ and i’m sure readers were a bit curious as to what I meant. I had to resist the urge to expatiate then.

Reader Alert! This is a really long piece, I humbly crave your indulgence. Grab a cup and  have a good read!

Random Intro.
I wonder often how Heaven’s going to be. Will it be a boring place where angels and saints would sing praises for eternity? Would we eat, laugh, dance? Sometimes it’s dreadful to imagine a place where we won’t change clothing or sleep, then I try to understand that we won’t have a body that would need to be covered up in clothes or need to sleep.
Our Christian walk is indeed a walk of Faith. Faith is like acting on truths without facts or proof. It’s believing in the unseen.
One day we’re going to leave this Earth behind, we’re going to go to heaven. We’ll be with Jesus and The Father, with the magnificent creatures of heaven- angels, saints, and the elders. I dream of that day. 

Some more gibberish…
That great day is coming. It’s been dreadful to me so many times- I mean, I love Jesus and I wanna go to Heaven but there’s so much here on Earth; friends, family, places, foods! So, we never gonna come back?😮
There’re days too when I just want to leave; I want to go to Heaven, want Jesus to come. I feel like life’s challenges are overwhelming and Heaven is an escape.
There’s  a lot to process about rapture, heaven and eternity. It can be unimaginable even. I know though, that the moment we can grasp the truth of eternity in heaven nothing on earth will matter anymore, we will long for that place. 

So why didn’t we go to Heaven as soon as we got saved?
Yeah right. Why do we have to remain here? You see that purpose thing I wrote about; there been a reason and him being Jesus.
We were brought here not entirely because God couldn’t automatically ‘save’ all of us when Jesus paid the price, but because God is just. He’s giving us FREEWILL; He wants us to CHOSE. That’s one way we’re higher than the angels; they don’t get to chose. Who wouldn’t love such a God? He can make us do things but He puts value and honor on us by letting us decide.
So yeah, we are here on earth to chose. After choosing Jesus over Satan- cos there’s no sitting on the fence- our job begins.

What’s our Task on Earth?
We’re saved to save others; help the World make the right choice, by bringing them the one true way; The Gospel. “Necessity is laid on us to preach the gospel.” Our passion for spreading the gospel has to be “… fire shut up in our bones.”
Imagine all the beautiful different people, races and cultures of the World, imagine them perishing. Can you let that happen?
I used to think I don’t have to be a preacher; don’t have yell on a pulpit, but I do. My style isn’t yelling on a pulpit, for now, but I have to preach. Anyhow I can. I just have to.

This selection is THE REVOLUTION.
The Universe was created and man brought into  existence, then man fell and the world became Satan’s. Adam gave Satan His authority. So the World went out of God’s jurisdiction. He brought Jesus to begin the CLEANSING, the separation. Once we accept Jesus our old man dies and a new man is born. God is purging mankind. And we’re instrumental in this revolution.

When the revolution is complete.
Jesus will come back for The Saved and the unsaved are going to get a second second chance (that’s not a typo). They’re going to remain on earth to chose: Death or Life? In those days it will be very difficult to accept Jesus because The Holy Spirit would have left with the saints. The Antichrist will take over the World and …. I repeat, it will be DIFFICULT to accept Jesus then.
Well, some will accept Jesus and we- the saints in heaven- will return to JUDGE the Earth. Haha! I love this! No wonder Jesus says we’re saviours that have come out of Mount Zion to judge. Obadiah 1:21. Christianity is amazing.

That’s it.
We’re really here for something.

Don’t live for nothing and don’t live for yourself.



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