A Letter To Rock Bottom.

Dear Rock Bottom,
It’s been years since I left your cold hallows, but I still think about you. I think about you everyday I face Life’s challenges. I tell these situations I will make it through because I’ve been to your place and I made it out.
I arrived at your hallow all of a sudden, I was on my way to the mountain peak but things went awry quickly. I kept failing, I was rejected, I was named a disgrace, I was pushed and shoved away. Everyone disappeared.
But you took me in to your hallow of thorns and needles. Your place was the last place south, there was no where else to go. I remember your face, Rock bottom; it was so cold. You took me into your cave, I plumaged into anguish and hopelessness.  It was a one way tunnel with no way out and no light at all.
So it seemed.
You sucked me into your vortex without introductions. I never got orientations or at least a tour of your GROUND ZERO.  There was no window in your hole, I could hardly breath, I thought you wanted me dead. You just stood there with those bloodshot eyes and watched Life seep out of me.
I don’t hate you, Rock.  You weren’t the enemy. My weakness was my enemy; my frailty was going to kill me.
HE dropped me in your hallow so I would discover and nurture my strength. I was been broken to be reshaped; your hammer fell on me so many times I thought I was dead. I moaned in pains until I felt those warm hands around me. It was the most soothing feeling in the whole World. He whispered with that soft tone, ” I am with you always……I will never leave you nor forsake you.” I saw such brightness in His eyes, I wanted to Live there. He picked me up, my bones were all broken, He healed me.
I’ve become familiar with that  warmth because He kept His promise. I still can’t believe you introduced me to such everlasting comfort, YOU with all your pain and anguish. I met everlasting light in the midst of your pitch black darkness. WHO ARE YOU REALLY? Are you the asylum for broken hearts? The stitch for wreathed dreams? The hotel for the lost? A physician with the coldest hands? ‘Cause you fixed me.
He led me out of your hallows as we spoke, I asked questions and He answered. I discovered who I am. Who would have thought good will come out from your deathly hallows? Who could have Imagined the broken ME that hit rock bottom will be full of Faith today? No one could have imagined I would ever BELIEVE again. But you must have known. You’ve seen too many wounded warriors come and go.
I didn’t think it. That those days in your hallows would save me. I never Imagined He would be there. I had searched for Him all my Life and there in the most unlikely of places was He; Jesus Christ, The Light in the Darkness.
Oh, I’m gonna tell everyone about your place, gonna send my kids to your hallows, yes. People need to hit your ground at least once in life. We need to learn to see through pitch blackness.
I thank God for you every day because you shaped me with your Humongous hammer, and chiseled off my frailty. It hurt more than words can describe but here I am today. Were you angry when so many gave up and died or did you give a wicked grin of delight? You’re so mysterious, Rock, but I thank you.
Thanks for having me. If I ever see your face things will be different. I may never visit your hallows again because now I only go UPWARD AND FORWARD but I will continue to recommend you to friends and family.
Yours Faithfully,



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