The Reason


Whether our world came to be by a cosmic ‘accident’ or a big bang, whether we were created or we are the outcome of evolution. Whether our parents wanted us, tried to abort us or loved us even before we were conceived. Whether our childhood ruined us or that man did, or that event or we’re inherently no good. Whether we’re where we want to be, on our way to our destiny, out of course, never had any ambition or don’t even know how to dream. At some point we have to find a balance.
I call it a balance because, it’s what keeps you sane in all the chaos of life. It’s what brings you back to the core when you’re drifting. It’s Focal point. That which you get a hold of in your mind and run every other thought by.
Your balance in life may be your dog or a person. Maybe your achievements. It’s fine, but what happens when your dog dies?

There comes a day you’d desperately want to know the reason for being alive. We’re born, we grow up, we get twisted…… we die, what’s the point of being brought into this cycle? Life could make no sense. With everything in it, it still can be pointless. To the extent that you may begin to see reasons with the ‘cosmic accident’ theory, and if we’re here by ACCIDENT suicide is justified. Then comes the ‘The Great Lows of Life’; that phase when every thing seems like a waste of time and you just want to quit. You’re so tired, you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel or there’s too much light you’re bored. It all just resembles a great sham. It could go on for hours. For days, turning into years. You’re just there waiting for some inspiration. Hoping something will jolt you out of the nightmare and you’ll wake to some form of sense and meaning; that you’re really a star that illuminates in the night, not some obscure animal with a brain they can’t handle.
Does this sound like something you can relate with at all? Has your life ever seemed meaningless? Have you wished for a little more inspiration to just take you further out of your misery?  It might have started after you lost someone, or failed or just matured. Anything could have triggered this emptiness, it’s bound to happen. It’s ESSENTIAL in our quest for God. 
It’s absolutely fine if you think you’re a mess, and you’re broken. It means it’s time for you to find the truth. Just DON’T GIVE UP.

I’ve come to realise beauty eventually comes out of pain.


Why’re we here on Earth though?
You may have found a satisfactory answer that isn’t similar to mine, i’ll be thrilled to read them in the comments. You may not even care so much about answers, you’re fine and dandy not knowing– that’s cool and very brave, but some people really want to learn the truth. Here’s what I KNOW from the Bible and from The Holy Spirit. I base my life on this Truth.
I BELIEVE THERE’S A REASON. There’s always been one. Before earth there was and after earth there will be. We’re not just here by some scientific program. We’re chosen to be alive  and be a part of  the REVOLUTION in existence.
We’re responsible for being happy in and with our life, and it is impossible to be truly happy in Life if you’ve not discovered the person for which you’re here. “There’s only one way through which man can be saved..” His name is Jesus Christ. He. Is. The. Reason.
So what now?
It’s simple, get to know Him. He’s really cool and He has all the answers. He’s more  interested than you could ever be in making you a success. He cares so much. He’s the balance we all need.
Drop on your knees, shut your eyes and receive Him into your life by proclaiming Him Lord over you, if you’re yet to.


2 thoughts on “The Reason

  1. awesome right up!! ts seen in yu d potential to be an awesome writer nd this is very awesome nd inspiring…its the kind i wana wake up to read every morning(after my devotion tho)..LOL ..♥♥..xoxo

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