Movie Review: Lost – Answer to the biggest ‘Why?’

For everyone who saw the series, Lost; those who saw it till season six,  those who gave up in season three and for those who never even saw it, here’s how the 6 year film changed my life.
Lost is a story of a group of passengers on a particular flight (oceanic flight 815) who become castaways on a mysterious Island for a pre-orchestrated reason. 
By season 3 the series had become somewhat boring, everyone got fed up with the different scenes of the presumed survival-tale, but it wasn’t just a survival-tale. It was bigger. In season 5 it starts to be intriguing again.


Maybe the producers of the series’ intention was to  inspire us to believe we’re all here on Earth not by a cosmic accident but by Design. That even though we think we’re not special we’re the only ones that can save our world. Or maybe he just created an amazing film and God used it to answer my biggest why-question.
Is there a reason or its just science: big bang and evolution? Are we just animals with the most developed brain?
Do you ever wonder if evolution continued after us? are there species after homo sapiens? If No why not? Why did evolution stop with us? It doesn’t make sense, because we did not evolve, we were designed.
There’s a reason we’re where, what and how we are. We’re special.
Say it over and over again,
I am special. The world needs me.”
As messed up as our lives might be we still fit into The grand puzzle; God’s plan is not complete without you. *sigh* It’s true. He needs you. You may not see it now doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
At the end of the series, the remaining survivors are led to a rock cleft by the ocean and there they find their names engraved. There are names of everyone that arrived on the Island, with names of those that died stroked. It meant that long before they arrived on the Island, Jacob( the God-figure) knew them. He controlled their decisions from when they were children to lead them aboard oceanic flight 815 and he caused the plane to crash on his Island because he chose them to save the Island.
I get chills every time I remember that scene; the look on their faces to realise it wasn’t all just an accident.
At that point in my own life I had questions for God. I was a teenager and was struggling for an identity. I needed to know where to belong; with the atheists or the believers. I needed to know why I was on Earth. I prayed to God to explain it to me and there came Lost season 5 and 6. It made perfect sense.
You may not have gotten a physical sign to validate that you’re special; no engraved names on any rock , no voice from heaven or dove perching on your hair. No epiphany. Nothing! Your life may seem anything but special( like mine) and God may not have gotten you feedback on your questions. It doesn’t mean you’re not special.
Sometimes we all just need to HAVE A LITTLE FAITH and believe even when there’s little or no proof.
Dare to believe.
Start by believing you exist for a reason. Then get ready to discover The reason.
I’ll put up a sequel post that will show you the reason God put you here on earth. Or give a hint at least. You only have to visit next week.


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