Mechanism of Heartbreak.

Someone said he’s never been heart broken because his heart’s still pumping. I know he was  trying to say ‘heartbreak’ has nothing to do with the cardia but he’s wrong.
The feeling described as heartbreak involves a wrenching feeling in your chest, precisely the region where your heart is located. It doesn’t go away quickly, could last for months, years, it’s just there squeezing at  your soul.
Heartbreak is a real physiological activity, it’s not just an overrated cliché.


It’s very okay to feel heartbroken, it means you’re human. It’s fine to admit that you’ve been heartbroken. You’re not a victim of heartbreak, you’re a survivor.

One way to deal with heartbreak is to breathe. Another way is to talk aloud, don’t bottle up in there. Say how you’re feeling, “I feel like my chest’s gonna explode, Oh I can’t breathe.” You might sound like that and I believe you, you’re not exaggerating. Your cells and nerves are participating in the hurtful experience and your heart is aching.

You’re okay dear, you’re not going to die. It will pass.

Another way to handle heartbreak is to pray. That might be difficult ’cause when i’m going through difficulties I find it hard to pray- that’s where my prayer bank comes in handy. But in this case where your chest is tightening by the second you have to mouth some words of prayer. At least you’ll know whatever happens next is no longer in your control.

Also, try to reduce the incidence of heart break if you’ve discovered you’re prone. This is a preaching to the choir advice but you know.  There’s only so much the heart can take, physiologically most especially. If you know how to avoid a heartbreak don’t hesitate but in case you don’t see it coming, just keep breathing.

How was your valentine?

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