Staying True: Stick to your genes.

My name is Otibhor, meaning ‘Joy giver’.The later part is pronounced as in ‘abhor’. I was born late 1992 in a town, south of Nigeria. I’m not where I’ve hoped to be in life, and I’ve not achieved most of my goals. I’m predominantly choleric, but I also have phleg in there. I’m a strong introvert, I like my personal space, peace and quiet. I like listening to myself think.
I’ve failed a good number of times, but I always fail forward. I defeat my fears one day at a time and so I can say I’m not afraid of anything.
I’m a dreamer. I’m a learner. I’m naïve, shy and I like to speak big grammar. I’ve hit rock bottom before so i’m not afraid of being knocked down. I can be perky and I can be moody. My smile is hideous you can’t just look away.


I’ve been so afraid in the past that I literally almost died from it. Now, I’ve chosen to have no fears. I just won’t let dread rip away my joy.
I’m about bringing light to someone in this dark world. My purpose is to ‘reconcile men….’ back to God’s original design. I’m a believer, can get inspired by the littlest thing. I believe in myself and I believe in the unseen.
There’s a specific type of future I want for myself and I can’t settle for less.
I’m never going to try to be anyone else. I will dig deep into me, because I know I’m complete. I wont compete ‘cos i’m one of a kind.
I speak pidgin English a lot. I have crazy fantasies. I easily crush over guys that appeal to my fantasies. I talk faster than I think often. I feel awkward when i’m interacting with people every now and then, especially when you say something and I didn’t hear it but I don’t want to ask you to repeat. I’m a hugger and a smiler. I’m mostly quiet but truly it’s because people don’t always get me when I start talking. I’m weird.
I believe in chastity and I know kissing is fore-play, it’s not a casual show of affection.
I don’t believe in luck.
I’m still mastering stage fright so I won’t jump at an opportunity to stand before a group even though I want the world to listen to me. I’m goal-oriented and i’m a go getter. I don’t quit, i’m often obstinate and stubborn and I can argue my points to the last even though I will later discover I was arguing blindly.
I’ve been single most of my life and i’m quite comfortable with it, I would only marry if I find my man. I believe there’s ‘Mr Right’ I’m just not so sure of ‘Mr. Perfect’. You may actually ruin our friendship by switching to the romantic side. If I like you as a guy, you will know because i’m going to blush profusely every time and stalk you. If you’re not sure i’m attracted to you then I’m not. My relationship with males are no much different from the one I have with females because I grew up with boys.
I’m a lover; I love genuinely. I’m quick to fall in love. I only know one kind of love. God’s love. So when I tell you ‘I love you’ be sure it’s the real thing no matter your gender.
I believe ‘gender’ is a better word for ‘male or female’.  Using ‘Sex’ produces a slight conflict in response and that can be awkward. I often say the word, ‘sex’ to myself repeatedly so that it doesn’t get stuck in my mouth when I need to say it. It is a heavy word, forgive me but I didn’t exactly grow up with my parents throwing the word around, we had our own word. I’m just starting to learn how to say ‘sex’ and not squirm. That’s me. I won’t pretend to be hard core.
Oh, I’m not a kid. I’m 23. Grown up.  But yes, I can be childish.

Let me tell you a secret . Jesus Christ is the only thing real to me in this life. 

I’m going to stay true to who I am no matter what. Not gonna change in a hurry. Not gonna pretend or lead a double life, gonna be me. Gonna be courageous till the end- stick to my genes.
What about you?

Leave a short bio of yourself in the comment with the hash tag, #stayingtrue .


9 thoughts on “Staying True: Stick to your genes.

  1. Otime, u always inspire me. My name is rukky, I struggled with low self esteem all tru primary, secondary and early stages of my uni days. It was so bad that I refused to attend parties most times because I felt I was ugly. But since I kept improving my relationship with my creator I got to understand that he loves me so much and he really does not create anything ugly. That was the beginning of a new me. Low self esteem makes people misunderstand you a lot besides when you see yourself ugly you become ugly without knowing it. Am happy now and I don’t feel less about myself anymore. My relationship with God has been amazing, like otibhor I believe in chastity it’s not easy but God has made it easy. Thanks oti

    • Rukky, dear.
      I’m glad you’ve learned to stay true by realizing that there’s only good in you. Everything about you is good because God said so after he created you. You’re a very good-looking lady btw. I’m looking forward to reading more about your triumphant life’s journey, can’t wait for your blog to kick off.

  2. After posting this, I’m going to have to follow your blog. I love this piece cause it’s very real. I’m oyinda and I’m a blogger too. When I got the inspiration to blog, I wanted it to be a fashion blog. But after my first post, which was basically an intro to who I really am, I knew fashion wasn’t it. Then I just started writing and pouring it out. I write my thoughts out, the way it comes to me. The things I go through, the way I go through them. I can’t say I love God the way he loves me cause that’ll be a lie, and in reality, we can never fully understand the depth of God’s love for us. I’m just 20 and I’ve learnt a lot already. I still have a little problem with choosing friends and I don’t know how to end wrong friendships. I talk to God when I pray and I always wait to hear him speak back to me. I guess I’m either strange or weird . I recently cut my hair just cause I got tired of it. In depression, I write. My mum sees my posts but doesn’t read it. I’m sure if she does eventually,she’ll have a long talk with me.

  3. I have believe in chastity, even though it’s not so easy. I also dont believe in luck. I think what we call “luck” is God’s favour.
    I like doing make-up because I just recently learnt it.
    I am also enjoying my single status for now+ I also prefer the word “gender”. I have also thought about this “gender” thing before. I really don’t have many friends.
    I’m not loud but I’m a talkative. I’ve reduced it though and I love babies.
    God has shown me that there’s none.
    like Him neither will there ever be. The favour, love, grace, peace, joy and comfort He gives is just so supernatural and amazing. I just know He’s always there.
    That’s it.
    #stayingtrue #stickingtoyourgenes

    • Wow! Enele, where have you been all my life? Lol. You’re my soul sister! We’re soooo much alike, most of alllll! We feel the same way about Christ.
      I’m so pleased to meet you, there’s only few of us in the world, Lol. So, here’s my whatsApp: 0818 551 3421, and my email:
      I’m so excited to meet youu!

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