No Such Thing as ‘Perfect’ in Planet Earth.


They say a lot about life; it’s tricky, it’s not a bed of roses, you don’t always get what you want, it’s a bumpy ride and many more sayings. These are different ways of saying no matter how great your life gets it will never be rid of oops. Like my photo up there.

No one wakes up one morning and says, I’m made! I have everything and i’m satisfied. or My life is just how I want it, yay! You hear that only in the movies, or just before something tragic happens in that person’s life. It’s the way our planet is structured i’m sorry.
You could find someone also who looks beautiful and appealing on the outside but inside she’s broken. It’s a cosmic error, not necessarily her fault.

I once told a ‘soul’ I intended to win I was perfect. I meant in Christ but he must have sworn to go to hell rather than listen to my bullshit.
Christianity is the bridge between divinity and humanity.
That’s why I could say I was perfect but know this, we’re not perfect as human beings. The animal life we have is flawed. As long as we keep looking at ourselves in our flesh we will keep getting depressed because our human files are corrupted. There’re always going to be glitches.

Let me show you a trick. Wipe out perfectionism from your mindset. Stop being ‘little miss perfectionist’ or ‘Mr. Got-it-all-figured-out’ humble yourself before the hands of  imperfect humanity. Embrace your weaknesses; is it cold-feet, or the browness of your teeth? Welcome the flaw. “Why should I embrace defeat?” you may ask.


There’s nothing perfect on this part of the universe, understand this. Perfectionism is a lost cause. You desperately have to be true to yourself. As you are: flawed, even broken. Real. You have to embrace your imperfections ‘cos there  lies true beauty.

The day you can laugh when situations aren’t aligning with your expectations and you can humor your weaknesses. The day your seemingly empty life becomes enough for you. That is the day you are better than perfect.

You can confess this,
“I love my life. I love my heart. I love my body. I love my home. I love my mind. I love my little quirks. I love my sense(or absence) of humor. I love my eyes (Brown or black.)”

What do you love about yourself? leave in comments.


One thought on “No Such Thing as ‘Perfect’ in Planet Earth.

  1. I love that I love caring for people but sometimes I tend to over do it because of my imperfections. After reading this I have learnt to accept my imperfections as lessons from the creator striving to be exactly what God wants me to be. Thanks Otime God bless you real good. It keeps getting better

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