My Prolificity

I don’t know if ‘prolificity’ is a real word but ‘prolific’ means to be creative or productive, can also mean ‘ability to write large amount of words ‘. I honestly might have just created my own dictionary meaning but the point is, prolific is a word I like to use in describing my writing skill.

I like to think of myself as prolific because I’ve written for as long as I’ve had eye to hand co-ordination. I’ve scribbled for many years, both relevant and irrelevant. I’ve struggled to make sense of my ideas on paper and I’ve desperately wanted to arrive at sanity from writing down my confusions.

I believe I have the gift of story telling, but it’s pretty underdeveloped. I wrote and stopped, started again and hope to never stop. I’m going to let you my dear readers in on whatever I’m writing. Just know its both good and a not so good because it takes quiet a while for me to create something reasonable.

I’d love for you to help critique my work,give me advice- whether you write or not- and you’re basically just going to be a part of my writing adventure.

Presently i’m working on a novel titled ‘Love, Friendship and Family’ (LFF). It’s a story of four women. Four of my alter- egos actually. For me writing has always been therapy; I find ways to express my fantasies in fiction writing. I write basically romance but not the usual kind, I call it ‘christian Romance‘.

Here’s a sort of synopsis for LFF:

Amanda was born with a silver spoon, but an unfortunate event in her Life leaves her with the feeling of insecurity. Consequently, she has to deal secretly with a feeling of inadequacy and abandonment, coming also from a history of parental negligence. She deals with her mistrust of men by neglecting her love-life until she meets a man that loves her and intends to break through her walls of emotional defense. She lives an exciting life; full of adventures, but she does all she dims fit to preserve a can of worms in her past. When her love adventure threatens to open this can she shuts it down. She hides behind the excitement in her life and that of others till she discovers that perfect love casts out fears.
Susan is happily married. However, she seems to be cheating on her Husband with her career ambitions. Her commitment to this marriage is increasingly being put to test by overwhelming career dedication until she comes to the point where she must choose between her immediate family and her life long career aspirations. The untimely pregnancy and its developing complications bring her career roles to a halt and turn her life into an episode of shattered dreams. Anger and the constant feeling of failure threaten the happiness in her life, except she decides to surrender all her desires and dreams to the architect of the universe.
Amarachi is deeply in love with her Man and is ready to reach the far ends of the Earth with him, but his misplaced priority forces her to believe he doesn’t love her after all. Coming from an ordinary family with not enough love or affection, her quest in life had always been to find someone who would Love her sincerely. Frustration resulting from throwing all her passion and energy for so long into a relationship that turned out to be a waste of time causes her to take erroneous decisions in her love-life. When love comes back to her, she discovers the meaning of an unconditional love.
Jessica never knew family until she stumbled upon friendship, which became enough compensation. She goes on in her life with a passive attitude until she develops a hunger to find her parents and coincidentally love comes knocking on her door. The chaos that rises up from her quest to find her roots forces her to realize all she had been missing in her beautiful life.

There it is; a summary of the story I’ve been building for over a year.

Now, I know you had a response to what you just read. Whatever it is; if you couldn’t move past the first sentence, or you skipped through or you finished it or didn’t bother to read it at all, I would love to know your opinions of it! Leave a comment, thanks. Is my novel predictable? not intriguing? not a novel you would read or purchase? or would you love to read about these characters? find out how the story goes? Let me know. I have a pretty thick skin.

Thank you for reading and I look forward teemingly to your scintillating comments. (Lol, As you get to know me you will discover my psychological tendency to use big words I don’t even know their meaning. Don’t worry I’m okay up there.)


3 thoughts on “My Prolificity

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  2. Yes you held my attention right to the end. Based on what you have written yes I would buy it. I love that genre of romance coupled with lifes trials and tribulations. You have the gift of expression and I wish you well in developing it further.

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