When It All Doesn’t Make Sense.

Today after work, I came home, used the rest-room and stood by the entrance door still in my work clothes. I stood there for some good minutes and later sat on the floor of my door step gawking into space until my phone rang.
I was drained from working all day. I worked even when I didn’t have to because I didn’t want to have to listen to the echoes in my skull.

People drown their fears in different ways. The thing is fear can breath under water. People spend their lives working so hard or partying hard so when they’re alone they’re too tired to reflect on the gigantic ambiguity called Life.

God doesn’t always seem to respond, I know. The Bible doesn’t always have the answers. The Holy Spirit’s still small voice is sometimes too quiet for us to pick when there are too many other voices screaming in our heads.
What do we do when things don’t go as planned? When we’re in our future and it’s not bright at all. When the things we expect don’t unfold. We keep trusting in Him.

We keep trusting because we’re born to. We continue to depend on The Word of God because it is our Life. We believe in the one that knew us before we were formed. We don’t wait to see it first before we believe, we don’t have confidence in our earthly senses.
We can’t rely on our human senses. We cannot respond based on informations we gather with our earthly senses. We’re not scientists we’re Christians. For us seeing is not believing.
We’re Christians: think of this. Niger-ians, Pers-ians, Russ-ians…. Christ- ians! We are citizens of Christ. Christ has become our identity. Our origin.

So what good is melancholy? We’re not from here we can’t fit in. Living like Humans will never make sense. Their world will never sync with the kind of Spirit we have.
Never mind when nothing in life makes sense. It only seems so when we’re experiencing with our flesh. Tune to the Spirit and learn to Live from there.
We’re dead to our Flesh, but alive in Christ remember?


2 thoughts on “When It All Doesn’t Make Sense.

  1. It keeps getting better dear keep up the good work. God wud continue to be your strength and give u the wisdom to uplift people spiritually. I see you going places dear

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