He is.

I thought to write about my perception of God in a series of articles, this being the first.

He is so great and we are so small.


I watched a documentary recently about the vastness of the universe and the insignificance of earth. There was described incredible stars, galaxies, in relation to God and comparison to our Earth. I came to a realization that  we are really small, insignificant fragments in a vast and unimaginably beautiful universe. Even though this universe is created by the same deity we carry inside us.
It’s a blessed paradox!
We are gods and created in his image and likeness. All of that is relevance He gives us by association, we’re nothing without him. His love upgraded us from our miniscule state, gave us an inheritance. I argue that we are not the most beautiful or magnificent creatures of God. We’re the most important only because He set his love on us. From the entire universe, He picked us to associate with. He would relate well with the sun, they have similar attributes in fierceness…. “The Lord is a consuming fire.” The galaxies would be solemn enough for him dwell. I’m no astrologer- wasn’t even great with geography- but i’m sure in all the universe he would’ve found a place more habitable to take His abode. If he wanted to dwell in a life form, we’re not the most distinguished i strongly believe. Even if there are no magnificent aliens out there, in our infinitesimal planet there are seemingly greater creatures, talk about the Whales; dolphins look divine already.
But he separated us: scruffy, confused, emotional beings like us. He picked humans to reside. He picked earth!  How humbling. Earth, our home, is not so special compared with the rest of the universe did you know? It is only significant because of the concentration of spiritual activities in it: Demons and angels are only deployed to our planet,  I don’t think they have business in mars.

We all should know that we’re a little part of an unimaginably big picture, literally.  How’s this knowledge important since we’re heirs to God?
Oh, we’re nothing without Jesus! We’re not gods, joint heirs, saints or anything. We’re like an artefact in the grand design. His presence in our human lives is what makes the difference.


A genuine picture of some feature in space with what looks like Jesus on the Cross at the center.

Still, as long as we’re on earth in this human form we remain small. Our advantage is, we know the monarch of the universe and He knows us. He knows our names.


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