Nothing can separate us.

“Neither height, nor depth, nor famine, nor peril…..nothing can a separate us from the love of Christ.”
Sometimes I feel so close to God, and I’m happy. I feel righteous. Other seasons, its not just working….I don’t feel him around. I can’t even pray, I open my mouth and i rattle some tongues out and I lose track without even closing with ‘In Jesus Name’. For days, I don’t even open my bible, cos honestly i’m not motivated. I know I should pray and meditate in and out of season but…..there’s no inspiration.

I’m so tired from everything. I’m so tired from things working contrary to how I want them to work, I’m so tired of God making all the decisions for me. I’m not mad at him, I just don’t know what to say to him because he’ll do his will anyways.

Not even our tantrums or silent treatment to God can pull us apart. “…not war, not peril, not famine….nothing!” This is my confidence, that, “I’m hid in Christ….”

I’m righteous not because i’m qualified or in the right terms with God. I’m righteous because i’ve received the gift of righteousness. Nothing can separate me from the Love of Christ.

When I meditate on this enough, I drop on my kneels and weep to God in prayer. In deep sobs. And I just thank him for his Love that empowers me.
You don’t have to drift away from Him because you feel or think or heard that your ways are an abomination to him.
Wipe his feet with your tears.


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