Why, God?

There’s a lot of evil in our World. Our life -ordinarily- is messed up. From the beginning, it was not so, but only Adam and Eve can testify. If it’s never happened to you, it has happened to someone you love. Pain makes you want to yell into the heavens, “Are you just going to sit up there! Won’t you do something!”

Why won’t he do anything? Why is he most silent when we’re going through struggles? Why won’t he make it stop? Why won’t he take our pains? Why wont he put us out of our misery? Why did he bring us here in the first place! And leave us to suffer!
Why won’t he heal that little child?
And the heavens are still. There’s no response. Nothing changes. Your loved one dies. The pain continues. There’s no help.
Then you can’t pray anymore. Your will is gone. Your faith-tank is empty. You don’t care anymore.

We can’t always figure God out. We can’t always know what’s going on. He’s unpredictable and he’s God that way. We can yell from dawn to dusk, we can threaten him and we can lose our faith in him, but He’s still God. He’s not Zeus, he’s the God that so loved the World he sent his only offspring to die for us.
He knew us before we were formed biologically. He knew our names before we came into existence. He created us. Who are we to question him! What rights do we have to answers. We exist for him, not the other way round.
God doesn’t always make sense to us, we can’t always understand him. We can only trust him. We can have confidence in Him; our creator.
Trusting God is a decision. Its a commitment. You can’t feel like trusting him one day and you’re not feeling up to it the next. You chose to trust him no matter what.
Stick with Him through thick and thin. Decide, “He smites me! Yet will I trust in Him.”
God is good. Never forget that. If you don’t believe me, think of all the good times you’ve had in your Life, all the smiles on your face, He did that for you. You’ve been in pain for so long and you cannot remember any good time. Anticipate. Look forward to when your pain will end, and your struggles will be over. Hope is strength.
What if He doesn’t even exist? You’re not losing anything. There’s no other place help can come from anyways. Just wait, He will show up for you.
Don’t give up.
Don’t curse God and die (Job).
Trust Him.
God loves you, believe me.


One thought on “Why, God?

  1. We can trust God like Abraham who is till date known as the father of faith. His faith was so amazing that God blessed him beyond his imagination and till date we all share in the blessings of Abraham. Instead of complaining let us trust God. Nice one dear

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