ZOE vs SUKE (sic)

Dear Reader,

Life indeed is beautiful. Whether you are black or white, born poor or rich, christian or non-christian, none of that changes the fact that the Earth we live in is beautiful. The phenomenon of Life, is beautiful because that’s how God created it.

No matter how difficult a Man’s Life is, it doesn’t change the fact that the Rising Sun in the morning is breath-taking, an Ocean view, the view of the clouds, they’re all  awesome, and peaceful. What makes different people have different -or similar- distasteful experiences in this Life is who they are- Their Identity; mindset and convictions.

God has given us this beautiful Earth in all its glory, but there’s no way we can actually enjoy it if we don’t let him take us through it. You might say, that is selfish/ egoist of the Almighty and you may get upset at his way of making us worship him, live for him, serve him. You may even support those who say God is cruel; in that ‘he punishes his own creation for  not choosing him by sending them all to hell Fire’. 

We ain’t got a  Life of our own!

Remember, we were condemned: Satan deceived the first People created(Adam and Eve) into sinning and we all fell short of Gods’ Glory, God redeemed (purchased) us! by the blood of his Son, Jesus. So, yeah, the life we need isn’t really ours. It is the life of God – ZOE. To live it, we have to let him show us how. The only way to experience this Beautiful life is through God .

When we reject The Life Of God, all we have left is Suke: The Ordinary Human Life.


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