Here we Go!


My Name is Otibhor Pamela Odia, i’m twenty one and i’m a Nigerian. I’m  so thrilled to eventually write for the World to read. Why am i blogging? I am blogging because i am passionate about writing; it is one of the ways i know best to express myself. I have been writing for me for as long as i can remember. I always get this therapy from writing, writing on my Diary( as a kid), writing story books, writing Poems and songs, and now Blogging!.

I didn’t study the Art of Literature or Writing, in fact, I’m  a Student of Anatomy and never was so good in the arts but i am so passionate for Writting! It is a Hobby and a potential. I have written about 50 story books so far, very few of which a second eye ever read. I’ve believed that i write them for me, but now that i know better, i want my Life-including my Writing- to be not just ‘for me’ but FOR THE WHOLE WORLD, so that they can SEE JESUS THROUGH MY EYES.

So, my World, HERE WE GO!Image

4 thoughts on “Here we Go!

  1. I remember clearly those very interesting stories, I can still recall that hand writing and how matured and unique above all God centered your books were. The sky is your limit

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