Meet Bravery, the elder brother of courage.

I quit!! I quit!!! For so long i've been hanging on because I believed hanging in there, sticking with the going even when it got tough, was the Courageous thing to do. But now I know that quitting is even more courageous than hanging on. When you hang on to the status quo you know … Continue reading Meet Bravery, the elder brother of courage.


I remember the day I fell face down on the dusty rug in church and sobbed. I sobbed and then I went silent and I started to hear God speaking... unfortunately people around in church were getting too uncomfortable with some lady lying on the floor motionless, so they came to yank me off the … Continue reading Broken

Life Cycle

We don't always have to explain We don't always need to have the explanation We don't always need a reason Sometimes things just happen They just come, and then they go Just like they came There was nothing I did to make to make them come There's nothing anyone can do to make them stay … Continue reading Life Cycle


Courage says, I am not smart enough to know what is right Even if I knew it, I'm not strong enough to decide to do it I will be weak so that strength can shine out from within me and enable me overcome evil with good ~

How To Live

There's a difference between living and existing. Most of us think we are, but we're really not. What we're doing is balancing the ecosystem: providing CO2 for plants, and mopping up excess O2. There is a way to actually be present on Earth, such that the grass beneath your feet knows a Living being is … Continue reading How To Live