What if no one is coming?

I've always been an optimist; always hoping for the better and always believing that better days are ahead. And I'm always going to be that. However, there are areas in life, where- maybe- this rule (of being overly expectant) doesn't apply? Take Settling for example. The mantra is: don't settle for less. But how does … Continue reading What if no one is coming?


How did we all get here

One slip at a time One ignore that voice at a time One lemme just close my eyes at a time One its not that deep at a time Lemme tell you That's how you became like this The stranger you are One I don't care that much at a time One lemme sleep this … Continue reading How did we all get here

Crazy love

Awwww, guys its been too long. But I just want to say I didn't forget y'all, I've just been going THROUGH stuff, I'm halfway through now, learning my lessons finally. The most potent of which is that God's love for us is so strong, so fiery, so fierce, so big it will bulldoze anything that … Continue reading Crazy love